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All About AxiaRx

About Us

...we provide a donation to local humane societies and SPCAs each time you use the card...

Prescription.Cards is a drug coupon service that helps consumers save up to 75% off prices found at retail pharmacies when their insurance does not cover their drug.

What makes us different?

We separate ourselves from other discount cards in two important ways:

  • We have constructed the program to provide the best discount for you at the pharmacy counter by reducing overhead costs and unnecessary fees in our discount card.
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  • Through our humane/card program we provide a donation to local humane societies and SPCAs each time you use the card to save money at the pharmacy.


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Stanton Health, LLC is the parent company to and its forerunner, AxiaRx which launched in 2011. Stanton Health is a Veteran-Owned Business (VOB) with headquarters in Bradenton on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Learn how we got started and how we've raised over $50,000 to date for animal welfare organizations. This prescription discount card may be used at 63,000 pharmacies in the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands and Guam.

Our website

Check out what our other cardholders have paid for your prescription. These are actual amounts paid at the pharmacy counter, not just a wild guess. You may obtain a free prescription discount card from this website now and use it right away from any device and then just show the page (printed or on a screen) at the pharmacy counter.

There is no registration, no limits and no income or residency restrictions and you may try it with any prescription drug - brand or generic - as many as 60,000 prescription drugs. Most pharmacies participate in our programs and you can confirm that through our pharmacy search database.

You can also learn about the class of drugs you are taking and how much other medications in the same class cost. Or learn about specific medical conditions, what causes them, the drugs doctors routinely dispense for them and how much those drugs may cost you at the pharmacy.

We are active on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so please stop by and let us know about your experience using this discount card. Our website is updated weekly with new data, information and blog postings, which focus on the world of prescription drugs as well as updates on our humane/card program. We respect your privacy and don’t gather, share or sell any data that may result from your visit.

If you are a humane society, SPCA, animal shelter or other animal welfare organization and would like to learn more about how you may participate in our humane/card donation service please contact us.

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