3 stray dogs and $60,000 later

From Helplessness to Aiding Animal Welfare: The Story Behind a Successful Donation Program

The Stray Dogs that Started It All
Imagine you encounter three of the saddest looking stray dogs in the middle of a hot August day in central Texas. What would you do? How would it affect you? This is my story of how a seemingly random encounter in San Antonio, Texas, served as the impetus to establish a long-term animal welfare funding program that now raises $2,300 each month for animal shelters across the nation.
 Our Lifelong Love for Animals
My wife and I have always been passionate about animal welfare. Our involvement with animal rescue doesn't stop at adoption—we also assist local feral cats, cover their medical needs, and regularly volunteer with several local animal rescue organizations.
 A Previous Success Story
 A few years back, I created a highly successful prescription discount card program while working for a company. It was adopted by some of the largest counties, cities, and even publicly traded corporations. Little did I know, this experience would soon help me in my philanthropic endeavors.
 A Chance Encounter Leads to Inspiration
 On one of my work trips in San Antonio, TX, I came across three stray dogs outside a local grocery store. It was midsummer, extremely hot, and the dogs were in desperate need of help. I managed to provide them with some food and water, but the incident left me deeply troubled. I felt compelled to help not just these three, but all the helpless animals in similar situations.
 Making A Difference: The San Antonio Humane Society
 In response to my heartrending encounter, I visited the San Antonio Humane Society and made a significant donation. I also asked them to attempt to find the dogs I had encountered. Although this act brought temporary relief, it was clear that a more lasting solution was needed.
 Confronting the Challenges: The Need for a Long-Term Solution
 From our volunteer work at the Manatee County, FL Humane Society, my wife and I knew the challenges faced by these organizations. They rarely receive governmental funding and are constantly in need of donations, volunteers, and other forms of support. This realization spurred the conception of a program that could aid these organizations in the long run.
 The Solution: A Prescription Discount Card Program
 Drawing from my previous experience, I devised a program based on a prescription discount card (AxiaRx). The program not only helps individuals save significantly on their prescription drugs but also generates funds for local humane societies and SPCAs.
 The Impact of Our Program
 The success of this program has exceeded our expectations. In the first year, we raised $15,000 for various local humane societies or SPCAs. By the second year, we were on track to donate over $30,000! These funds have allowed these organizations to continue providing essential community services such as low-cost spay/neuter clinics, adoption programs, and feral and stray colony management.
 The Personal Touch: Our Rescue Dog, Logan
 Through an animal rescue organization, my wife and I were fortunate to adopt Logan, our third dog. Saved from the brink of being put down, Logan found a new home with us, thanks to Mary Lupi from Safe Haven Animal Rescue in Bradenton, FL. Our program aims to support organizations like Safe Haven, enabling them to rescue more animals like Logan.
 How You Can Help
 The use of the Prescription.Cards coupon is what powers this initiative. You can aid us by spreading the word about our program through social media. We're proud to say that 20% of our program's gross income is directed towards these organizations, a rate that pleasantly surprised even our first partners, the Pennsylvania SPCA.