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Eurax Discount Drug Card

How to: Share the information from this coupon your phone or printed when you drop off your prescription at the pharmacy counter.

Discount Card









Issued by AxiaRx / prescrption.cards
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You may use it right now from your phone or print it on your printer. You may also want to search for your pharmacy or learn more about how we donate to humane societies each time you use this card.

Cardholder Services:(M-F 8AM-5PM ET) 941-201-3038

Pharmacy Support Services:(24x7) (866)-921-7286

Prescription Discount Card only. Not Insurance.

This card may not be used with any third party payer program, including, Medicaid and, in most cases, Medicare.

Information for your Pharmacist and staff

Please enter the information exactly as on the card to ensure proper processing by DST Pharmacy Solutions

Cardholder info kept confidential- We have never sold, or shared any cardholder information and never will. Period.

Valid for any script -- human or pet -- so long as there is no insurance.

For cash-payers only -- Not for use with insurance. (i.e., no "split billing" or "dual pay").

Medicare...- The card will benefit seniors on Medicare Part D only when they are paying 100% of their drug’s cost (i.e., during the deductible and donut hole periods).

No registration- All cards are pre-activated and ready for use. Processing this discount card

DST Pharmacy Solutions Recommendations

Always enter the Cardholder first and last name (we do not receive this information from DST Pharmacy Solutions).

Always enter information exactly as it appears on the card- i.e., BIN, PCN, RxGroup, Member ID.

Always process as a Primary Transaction- The transaction will reject if processed as a secondary transaction.

Contact the DST Pharmacy Solutions Help Desk- should assistance be needed – +1 (866)-921-7286.

Cardholder Directions

Present discount drug card at pharmacy counter when you drop off your prescription.

Card is pre-activated and free, there are no additional steps, just present at the pharmacy counter.

No registration required.

No limitations. No Maximums. No expiration.

63,000 pharmacies participating.

As many as 60,000 prescription drugs on our formulary.