CRESTOR Prescription Discount Card Benefits:

  • Recent savings up to 13% at local pharmacies

  • Use at over 65,000 drug stores

  • Everyone is eligible, no maxiumum limits, pre-activated.

  • Free** for you, your family, friends, even pets
Save up to 13% off CRESTOR

RxBin: 600428
RxPCN: 0508000
RxGRP: 600428
ID: PC021617HP
Not insurace. Discount Only. Instructions.

Pharmacy Price*

Drug: CRESTOR Strength: 10 MG Quantity: 30 (sorted by best current price)
Major Chain Pharmacies
Additional strength pricing coming soon.
Drug: CRESTOR Strength: 10 MG Quantity: 30 (sorted by best current price)
What is CRESTOR?

CRESTOR is a brand drug found in the statin class and it typically, though not always, is prescribed by internal medicine physicians and healthcare providers. CRESTOR costs at your pharmacy using this discount card, or coupon, recently started as low as $282.87 for the most commonly prescribed 10 MG strength and 30 count.

How do I use this discount?
  • Use the card whenever insurance is not available for your drugs.
  • Even if you have insurance, when it does not cover your prescription you can use the coupon.
  • There are no limits and it never expires.
  • It works at over 65,000 pharmacies in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.
You Save Either Way.

How does that work? Your pharmacy will occasionally use our discount as the basis for a one-time price adjustment in your favor. Our discounts are aggressive but if the pharmacy is able to beat our price then you benefit by getting an even bigger discount

* - Pricing is based recent price paid for this drug, strength and quantity at a retail pharmacy. Prices are subject to change without notice. Take your card to the pharmacy counter to get your exact drug price.
** - That's right it is FREE to use; you pay nothing extra at the pharmacy. But if you want to learn more about ALL discount coupons and how they work, see our FAQ.
† - Prescription pet medications that are also approved by the FDA for human use are available for use with this discount card at your local pharmacy.
† † - Note that Target Pharmacies are now operated by CVS and pricing may have changed recently.