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Raising funds for non-profit animal welfare organizations since 2011
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Prescription discount cards are very popular. They help consumers save a lot of money at their pharmacy when insurance isn’t available. We took that popular concept, got some inspiration, and created a model that would donate a healthy portion of the proceeds to local humane societies, SPCAs and other animal shelters around the U.S.humane/card

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That was May, 2012. Since then, humane/card has donated over $50,000 to 32 organizations. This year the donations continue to local organizations who go street-by-street to address the needs of millions of homeless dogs, cats and other animals. From spay-neuter clinics, to adoption programs, trap-neuter (spay)-release (TNR), clinics for low income families and so much more.

So how do we feed a shelter dog for a month when someone uses our card? Well, most prescription drugs that we humans use are for chronic conditions, like high cholesterol or heart medication. They are also called maintenance drugs as most of us need them every day to control some ailment.

When someone falls into that category, and uses are card for a single drug each month, that generates enough donation income to feed a shelter dog for one month (estimated cost is $23-$25). Cats are someone less to feed (around $10 per cat per month) but then there is another $5 in litter costs.

These figures are from a local shelter here in Florida and may or may not be similar to yours depending on the cost of living. These figures also do not take into account special dietary needs for some pets. Hopefully, though, you can start to see how you can make a difference, just by using this card, which saves an average of $37 a month off one prescription, you get an idea of how that can help a shelter dog or cat in Albany, NY, Dallas, TX, Irvine, CA and beyond.

If you operate one of these organizations please join us. There is no cost as we pay for everything and there are no additional management cycles required from your organization to support this program. Get started today.

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