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Why Should I Use this Prescription Discount Card?

One click. Zero questions. That’s all it takes to save 50%, 70%, even 90% or more on prescription drugs with this coupon card. This guarantees you the lowest price possible on any medication that your doctor prescribes – and because the cost of medication is constantly rising, that represents real and substantial savings. Best of all, these benefits are absolutely risk-free. You can get this drug discount card today at no cost, and without giving up any personal information.

Our pharmacy discount card provides cost relief for all prescriptions, in all areas of the country, whether you have insurance or not. We know that you’ll find real savings with us – currently our cardholders average savings is $37.97 per prescription every month, and four out of every five get prescription discount savings of at least 50%. And our network of participating pharmacies (65,045) is one of the largest nationwide, meaning you’ll have access to our low prices in more than 90% of all pharmacies in America.

Prescription.Cards is also the only discount coupon card that donates a portion of every purchase to local humane societies. Every time you use this card, we give 65% of our proceeds to pet shelters, clinics and adoption programs. We cover all of the costs of these donations, meaning that every purchase you make using this prescription discount card results in maximum prescription savings for you and a better life for stray dogs and abandoned cats across America.


Our Prescription Discount Card Brings You Real Savings

Sometimes you’ll face difficult decisions. Do you make room in your already-tight budget for the meds you need to relieve your lower back pain? Or do you go without and suffer sleepless nights, possibly exacerbating the problem? Our coupon card makes that decision an easy one. For example, our cardholders can save over 94% on pain reliever Tramadol HCl. If you’re dealing with a gap in insurance coverage, or if you’ve got insurance that doesn’t cover the cost of prescriptions, savings like that can provide a whole new class of relief.

If you’re uninsured or underinsured, you already know that the cost of prescription drugs can be a significant burden.

The Only Card that Donates

Each time you save, we donate to local humane societies. $51,450.00 so far!

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What makes us different?

The Prescription.Cards discount drug card is completely free, so there’s absolutely no cost to get started and no additional fees to pay once you begin using our prescription discount program. When you check out at your local pharmacy, you’ll simply pay the discounted price for your drugs. That’s it! Our card has a built-in “lower of” processing logic that automatically gives you the absolute lowest price available, whether it’s our negotiated discount or your pharmacy’s amount. More often than not, this coupon card gives you the deal you’re looking for. In fact, 80% of our cardholders save at least half off the cost of their prescriptions when they use this card.

We don’t ask for personal information when you print your pharmacy savings card, so your personal data won’t end up in the hands of a third party. With this card, you never trade your personal information for incredible savings on the prescription drugs you need.

One click. Zero Questions. Maximum savings

What Makes this Prescription Discount Card Unique?

We can negotiate rock-bottom prices for all of your prescriptions for one simple reason: we keep our overhead low. Our service is designed to be extremely efficient so that our pharmacy discount card can pass the savings along to you. Four out of every five of our cardholders save at least 50% of the cost of their prescription drugs, and we give you discounts of 70%, 80% or even over 90% on many of your prescriptions. Prescription.cards users save an average of $37.97 per prescription every month, and that sort of budget relief can add up very quickly to give you more control over your finances.

If you’re looking for the weight loss drug phentermine, for example, you’ll see an average savings of over 61% on 37.5 mg tablets. Some cardholders even save up to 81%. If you take 10 mg tablets of zolpidem tartrate (the generic form of Ambien), you can save an average of over 73%, with a maximum discount of more than 95%!
Even when your pharmacy matches our low price, we can still get you additional discounts on your prescriptions. How does it work? Your pharmacy will occasionally use our discount as the basis for a one-time price adjustment in your favor. If they’re able to beat our discount, the “lower of” logic lets you pay the pharmacy’s extra-low price. We might lose a sale, but as long as you’re maximizing your prescription discount savings, everyone wins.
We’ve also worked hard to make sure that the pharmacy network in this program is one of the largest in the nation. With our coupon, you’ll enjoy pre-negotiated price cuts at all major drug store chains, supermarkets and big box stores, and at over 20,000 independent pharmacies across America. Currently 65,045 pharmacies belong to our network, including stores in all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. At the end of the day, 9 out of every 10 retail pharmacies in the U.S. will honor our discount – check our Pharmacy Search to see which of your local pharmacies is in our network
Prescription.Cards is also a veteran-owned business – we’re founded, owned and operated by a former member of the armed services who served as a certified emergency medical technician. The principles of patriotic service and self-sacrifice have shaped our organization from the inside out. It’s what lets us put our cardholders first every day.
What truly sets us apart from the competition, though, is our charity work. Every time you use this discount drug card, we set a portion of the proceeds for local humane societies, over $50,000 donated since 2011. We choose to donate to smaller (that is, non-national) organizations because we know that they’ve got limited resources for the hard work that they do – running adoptions, spaying and neutering, rescuing abandoned animals and operating clinics. These donations occur automatically, at no extra cost to you. And because they come from our own proceeds, you’ll always have access to the deepest discounts on prescription drugs.

Get your Prescription.Cards discount right now!

Start saving money on your prescription drugs today with this discount card – the more often you save, the more animals we can help. We’ve already donated $51,450.00 to local humane societies around the nation, and we set a new record for donations every month. You can even sign up for a card that specifies which humane society or shelter benefits from this discount drug card. Check our humane/card Partners page to find a local organization that needs your support! If you’re ready for savings on your prescription drugs that can top 90%, get this prescription discount card today. It’s quick, easy, completely free, and it comes without any risk. One click. Zero questions. Maximum savings. With this discount Rx card, you’ll start putting money back into your pocket right away!

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